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Dollywood Theme Park

May 2, 2023

After our visit last night to Gatlinburg, next adventure was to see Dollywood Theme Park, me the first time ever. Patty had been before but wanted to go again. Let me just say we did not dress warm enough that day, thought we had but there was a wind that never let up so HOT Chocolate was on the list and being able to go inside and see the various shows was great as well.

First stop was the Eagle’s Nest area where they did a bird show and if you know me, Eagles have a special meaning for me, love those proud elegant winged hunters. They had quite a few in the Eagle habitat, seems many were rescues either in a healing process or some maybe to never return to the wild due to age or condition. Click on the photos to get a larger version and better view.

After the bird show we were like little kids, walking around, going to various displays and shows. Finding interesting things to look at, places to eat and of course like I said before, lots of hot chocolate. Hey it was cold, middle of December in Tennessee. We even took the little train ride around the park, shopped in various little shops and just generally had an excellent time. The entire place was already decked out with holiday decorations and spirit.

Next day was a relaxing ride up through Townsend and Cades Cove. It was like a step back in time, country side, flowing rivers, wild animals and old buildings. Just a slow drive through the past is the way I related to it.

That little drive took up most of the morning so we needed to get back to the hotel, we had tickets for the Dolly Parton Stampede show and dinner. Had heard so much about it, and there was certainly no disappointment. Nothing short of a great production, Christmas themed and very well done. Spectacular show for sure. Will post a few photos, had so many it’s hard to choose which are my favorites. The dinner was great as well, highly recommend this if ever in the area.

After our fun filled and exciting days in Tennessee it was time to head back home and prepare for Christmas at or near home. This was a wonderful trip and one that I will remember forever. Great memories for sure!

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