Why I Ride

Valid question that I’m asked many times, Why do you and what do you get out of riding? Especially after my accident back in June of 2020 (more on that later), plus the fact that I’m an old fart. People just do not understand the desire to ride a motorcycle.

I’ve ridden in the past, on two wheels (motorcycle) for a while and then off again but basically been doing some riding since I was probably eighteen or nineteen years old. Never really took a formal training class but more on that in later posts.

Why I ride is simple. Totally enjoy the feeling of freedom and excitement. Now I could stop talking there because that is ninety percent of why!

What I get out of it is peace and relaxation. Riding focuses the brain to only think about your riding and the dangers lurking around every corner, over each hill, and through intersections and any side roads coming your way. Removes any other thoughts from your mind therefore even relieving tensions from an exceptionally bad day. 🙂

There’s a thrill from the sound of a V-Twin rumbling beneath you, a feeling of freedom from the wind blowing in your face. Just a feeling not easy to describe, but rather one that has to be experienced!


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