How It Started

Now I’m not going to go back to when I first started riding motorcycles, just gonna talk about these latest experiences with motorcycle riding. This latest rage started in 2019 after my two grandsons had graduated from high school and were out doing their own thing. I was seventy one years of age at the time. šŸ™‚

Had been searching online for a bike for months and the more I searched the more the desire was taking over to get back on a bike. Since I’m not a wealthy person, of course price was important. Really wanted a touring style bike but had never ridden one that large or heavy but was thinking of doing some long distance riding.

After a whole lot of searching and looking at different bikes finally saw one at Rucker’s Auto & Motorcycle Sales in Enterprise, Al. that really appealed to my taste. Was a 2005 Yamaha Roadstar XV1700, loaded with bat wing wind jammer, radio, stereo system, with blue tooth capabilities. Pretty much all the bells and whistles a person could ask for including a phone charger holder and hookup to charge it. Photo below is the day (Oct 21, 2019) I trailered it home since I was unsure I could actually ride it home safely.

That bike with all the accessories weighed in at about 800+ pounds of bone shaking fury. Had Vanes & Hines exhaust which on that 1670cc engine was, let’s just say LOUD! šŸ™‚ Loved it, had awesome torque and horsepower.

Ok, so tell you more about my experiences with that bike in the next post!


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