The Yamaha

So as I stated in the last post my long awaited adventure on a bike started with the purchase of a 2005 Yamaha Road Star XV1700 touring bike. Shouldn’t say that’s where my adventure started actually since it really started a few years earlier when I had the thoughts in my head and then it got really intense when actually beginning the process of searching for the motorcycle.

Then of course after making the purchase and bringing that beauty home it was time to learn all I could about the bike, take it out to the back pasture, do some shifting, turning, just getting the feel. Honestly I was a little apprehensive as it was a big bike, weighed in somewhere around eight hundred fifty pounds, and to top it off I hadn’t ridden any motorcycle in the last ten to twelve years. Wanted to get the feel to basically see if I could handle that monster before I took it out on the road and totally embarrassed myself. 🙂

The previous owner had just had the bike worked over before he put it up for sale. Had a new gas tank, new tires, front forks had new seals installed just to name a few things. Also had a new belt, yes it had belt drive instead of a chain. He actually provided the receipt where all the work had been done. Bill total was somewhere around $3800, so I knew the bike had been really gone over and everything possible had been either replaced or repaired. That bad boy had hardly a blemish anywhere. Chrome was shiny no scratches, same with paint job. Beautiful for sure, even though it had like 25,000 miles on the odometer and was a 2005 model, it did not show it’s age.

My next task was find an owners manual and a repair manual online so I could learn more about the mechanics of it. Was able to download an owners manual for that year which helped with some of the questions in my head and next step was to order a repair manual for that specific bike. Pretty sure I purchased it from Amazon which might surprise you about them. Amazon has tons of stuff for motorcycles, I’m proof positive. Here is the link to their Clymer Motorcycle Manuals….

Couldn’t stop myself from cleaning and shining it every single time I walked passed it parked on my carport. Found a great product for waterless cleaning and polishing. It was called Original Bike Spirits also found on Amazon, sorry I don’t have the photo or link for it but just put in Bike Spirits and I’m sure it will pop up. Two cans for about $15 if my memory is correct. Oh and you can use it on anything, chrome, plastic, glass, leather, etc. just about anything but cloth and it does a fantastic job.

Yes I wanted to learn more and more about that bike but I also wanted to get that honey out on the road and feel what I hadn’t felt in a long time. Some call it “wind therapy” and I certainly have to agree. Post is getting long so tell you more about this bike and my experiences in the next few posts upcoming. Stay tuned.



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