The Riding continues…

The more I learned about the bike from reading, riding, cleaning (constantly) and doing maintenance the more I fell in love with that beast. It was so much fun to ride. Now keep in mind my preference is to ride alone, that way I make my own decisions, go where I want to go and at the pace that makes me feel comfortable.

Funny thing is I started inventing reasons to ride, making excuses to go to the store or go visit some place around here I had not been in a long time, etc. Most of the time there was absolutely NO destination just go ride make a turn on perhaps a road not familiar and then another and another until I had no idea where I was. See the thing is on a bike you’re never lost just taking the long way home, which was always the case with me.

Now when I said riding alone was my preference didn’t mean that I’m anti-social, well some people say I am so what they heck, maybe that fits. ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually riding with one or two other bikes might be fun on occasion but large group rides for me would not be my cup of tea.

As I started racking up the miles on the Yamaha, got the idea I might like to remember some of those rides in the back woods by video recording some rides. Great idea except equipment was needed to do that. Certainly wasn’t going to spend the kind of money that some do with the GoPro cameras etc. In searching found this Cheap Camera on Amazon. Of course it wasn’t the best quality but it came with a box full of different ways to attach it to the bike.

Really wanted to attach it to the handle bars but that was impossible since the front fairing would block it from view. On a few rides I mounted it to the engine crash bar on the right side which was ok except for the noise it picked up from the engine. Tried mounting it on the left side a couple of times and even attached it to the rear of the bike once to get a view of where I’d been. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mounted it to the top of my helmet but the sticky mount that was suppose to hold it was weak at best. It flew off once and had to go back and find it.

Even though the camera wasn’t very professional it was under fifty bucks and did the basics of what I needed. It did have settings to change up a few things and took some testing to figure out what was best in this situation. Have to say that for the money it was pretty decent until I mounted it on the front of the fairing for a better view one day and at about 65 or 70 mph, that sucker flew off and I knew it would be impossible to find it since it was so small.

I’ll post one of the segments of a video that I recorded back in Feb of 2020 while riding in South Alabama. This time the camera was mounted on the crash bar so if viewing you might want to turn down or even off the sound. LOL

One thing to remember is I’m not an “Old Biker” by definition, just an old guy that loves the wind therapy of riding a motorcycle. “Old” only in relation to my birth certificate, much younger in my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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