Rides Tracked & Recorded

Partially true. It was hard for me to remember to record ALL my rides or even a large percentage of them since my main goal was to just get out and ride. That little camera I mentioned in the last post would run out of battery power after a while so some of the rides that I was trying to record didn’t make it to the end. In some of my first videos had the camera set to make 5 minute shots, then switched it to 3 minutes and even some I recorded at 1 minute intervals.

I would then pick one of the better intervals of some rides and post that short video to Youtube. Not really a youtuber like so many are and certainly don’t own the professional equipment it requires to make quality youtube videos but if you want to see what I’ve posted so far this is My youtube channel. Hopefully I’ll get better at it and post more in the very near future. With that said if you want to subscribe and be notified when that happens feel free to do so. 🙂

By the way, “Tracked” was also mentioned in the subject line so yes that is another thing I do on some rides and it doesn’t cost a thing. There are free aps on your phone that can record your route and some are actually geared for motorcycles. The one I use most often is “My Ride”, it was developed by Yamaha Motor Europe. When you start your ride just turn it on and it records not only your route but some other interesting tidbits also.

Occasionally I’ve used “Rever” which seems to be popular with a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts but honestly I prefer the “My Ride” ap. In fact I’ll post a photo of a “Rever” ride I took. The three minute video excerpt in the previous post was a short clip of the ride tracked that day.

Rever has an upgrade option as most free applications do which of course would most likely provide more and better info but for my purposes just sticking to the free version.

Will have to say there are some interesting rides I’ve tracked which I will share with you later. One that is especially interesting is the one recorded on June 14, 2020, day of my accident. Stick around I’ll make a post someday about that entire day since there has been a lot of questions about it.

Until then, remember I’m not an “Old Biker” by definition, just an old man (by birth certificate only) that loves to ride motorcycles. Stay tuned and hit that follow button so you’ll be notified when the next post hits the web. 🙂


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