MY First POKER Run

Had always wanted to ride in a Poker Run, knew the basics but had never participated. There was one scheduled last year before my accident happened but it was cancelled due to the Covid thing and some other issues.

This year however, the VFW Post 4437 in Defuniak Springs, FL was determined to do this Poker Run to benefit a local charity that does amazing things for cancer patients in our area. Not only was I excited to ride but a little nervous also since it would be something I’ve never done and with people that I didn’t know since I’m not a member. Am a Veteran but was never in a war zone so not qualified for membership at that post. Remember at this point still building my confidence back. Because it was for my favorite charity Cancer Freeze was very determined to do this in spite of all my doubts and made up excuses.

I posted out of my normal order of progression about this a few weeks past Here: VFW Post 4437 Poker Run and if you follow my Face Book page you already know how excited I was to participate. πŸ™‚

Weather was suppose to be rainy that day and without tons of confidence yet wasn’t sure I was ready to ride in the rain, don’t like riding a motorcycle in the rain anyway but woke up that morning, kept kicking myself in the butt to DO THIS and stop thinking negative. The starting point was about twenty five miles from my home so bit the bullet, got dressed and headed to the VFW Post, figured I could always back out after I got there if weather was too bad. πŸ™‚

Got there early, met some people, ask a few questions, just hanging out while people were coming in and registering etc. About ten minutes before we were scheduled to pray and bless the bikes it started sprinkling rain. YUCK… not good. Long story short it didn’t last very long, dried the seat off with a towel and we were kick stands up on time and believe it or not, didn’t rain on us all day. In fact the sun came out and was a very pleasant day. So we’re off and I’m trying to get as near to the back of the pack as possible, that way could peel off at anytime should I start feeling uncomfortable. Never happened, half way through this trip and I’m hoping it will continue longer than planned.

Beginning of the ride as we were leaving the post. Turn down your volume, have terrible recording equipment.

Will have to tell you, one thing that made me feel a little out of place was the type bike I was riding. Out of the seventy or so bikes that started the run, only about four or five were NOT Harley Davidson’s! Most all of these bikers you could tell were experienced and quite normal for them to do these rides. Many of them were the VFW Post 4437 Motorcycle Riders group and many of their friends. That’s ok, I’ve felt out of place before and was having too much fun to back out now! You see not only was this my first Poker Run but it was also the first time I had ever ridden in a group ride that large. Normally I ride alone, my favorite way to ride, have ridden with one or two others in the past but never a group.

An idea of what it looks like from my position in the group, keep in mind there was still more behind me. Was still cloudy in this photo but sun came out bright later. πŸ™‚

Staging area before all bikes were there
Parked at one of our stops
Another stop
Our next to last stop
One of our places to stop
My bike behind those two Harley’s

Short video of our first stop on the Poker Run, Horse Power Pavilion. Turn down your volume, wind noise is bad. πŸ™‚

To say I enjoyed this day would be an under statement. Hey, had a good reason to ride my motorcycle and a great cause to benefit, what else could you ask for! Would definitely do this again anytime especially if it was for the benefit of Cancer Freeze. I encourage you to click that link and check out all the things that Cancer Freeze does for local cancer patients in this area. Started by a local couple with many different events scheduled throughout the year to raise money, all done with Volunteers, no salaries involved. The main event is always the first Saturday of February each year held at Lake Jackson in Florala, AL, only about two miles from my home.

Just so you know, you can learn more about and DONATE to Cancer Freeze from that link! Please consider. πŸ™‚

Once again, thanks for reading/following, hope you will continue. Remember not an β€œOld Biker” by definition, just an old man (by birth certificate) that loves to ride motorcycles. Biker is really not the right word for me, “motorcyclists” fits better.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions and hit that like button. Stay tuned, follow to be notified when next post publishes. And if you feel the urge, share this on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

Keep the shiny side UP!

See more Video clips of my rides on My YouTube channel.


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2 Responses to “MY First POKER Run”

  1. Simon Says:

    Well done Ray sounds like you had a fantastic time!!!!

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