Journey to Murder Creek

Always looking for places to visit, excuses to get out and ride my motorcycle. Was seeing posts and hearing about this place called Murder Creek Distillery. News about them opening up another place in Downtown OWA Foley, Alabama and people were raving about it.. Murder Creek Distillery Facebook page While the new place sounded awesome, the ride to the original place was more to my taste so guess which one I visited. You see, sometimes the destination is not as important as the ride itself. 🙂

The original Murder Creek Distillery is an Alabama based manufacturer of distilled spirits located just outside the beautiful city of Brewton in the town of Riverview. Was curious why they would name a place Murder Creek?

History is always interesting. The Story of Murder Creek, copied from Murder Creek Website:

Murder Creek origins go way back to 1788- just after the Revolutionary War. Colonel Kirkland and his party were on their way to Pensacola, Florida. Unfortunately, they never arrived at their destination. Due to the silver in their pockets, Kirkland’s party was ambushed and murdered. Only one of the three outlaws was captured for this crime, and paid the final price… After these bloody circumstances, the little creek which had been named Aloochahatcha, became known as Murder Creek.

When visiting the Murder Creek Distillery, you are given a tour of the process and their product (moonshine) is made. It was interesting and even purchased a jar of Dixie Honey Moonshine. Funny thing is I do not drink alcohol of any type, this was only for the novelty, it’s stored in a display case. Proof below 🙂 Gentleman told me if I wanted to drink it that it would go best with unsweetened tea.

Murder Creek Dixie Honey Moonshine

Here is their process as copied from the Murder Creek Website:

“Our Moonshine is crisp and smooth. Our alcohol is distilled to the highest purity in small batches. A double distillation process is used with each batch being filtered multiple times through charcoal and a unique pour bed to remove impurities. This pure alcohol is bottled at 80 proof as our Murder Creek Moonshine, or cut down to 40 proof and mixed with our special flavors in each batch.”

And just in case you’re curious about the many different flavors they brew, the following is a list of moonshine possibilities when you visit. Peach Cobbler, Orange Dreamcicle, Pecan Praline, Alabama Apple Pie,
Southern Cherry Bombs, Watermelon, Blueberry, Banana Pudding, Dixie Dizzy Pickle, Dixie Honey, Dixie Chocolate, and Dixie Chocolate Mint.

Now the ride that day was awesome, started out in the mid 50’s and was probably in the mid 60’s temperature wise when I got home. This ride happened on April 19, 2021 and was according to the MY RIDE app 113.6 miles round trip. Photo below, as you can see, took a different route home, hate traveling the same road back as going when riding. 🙂 Again is the ride, not the time or destination that matters so much.

Murder Creek Ride

It was also a beautiful ride in that most all of it was back roads with lots of good ole fashion country scenery. My favorite type of riding. Will post a couple of short video’s below but please don’t talk bad about my poor video equipment and experience. 🙂

On the way to Murder Creek Distillery
Clip 2 further down the road on the way to Murder Creek Distillery in Brewton, Alabama

Oh and almost forgot, here’s a photo taken when arriving at the Murder Creek Distillery. As you can see, not a huge place or fancy by any means, but they sure got a lot of things going on in there and absolutely worth the visit.

Murder Creek Distillery

Once again, thanks for reading/following, hope you will continue. Remember not an “Old Biker” by definition, just an old man (by birth certificate) that loves to ride motorcycles. Biker is really not the right word for me, “motorcyclists” fits better.

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Keep the shiny side UP!

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  1. Simon Says:

    Haha great to read thanks, well worth a visit for sure, I too dont hit the spirits but I love the history!!!

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