Finally a GOOD riding DAY!

As I’ve posted on RaysMotoring facebook page: and other places, it has been raining a LOT in this neck of the woods for a while now. Seems almost every day there is at least a 50% chance of rain all over the area. As a person who loves to get out and ride that has really been quite depressing.

As luck would have it on July 17, 2021, even though there was a forty to fifty percent chance of rain, decided to take a chance and just go ride in the rain if necessary. Was determined to get a ride in no matter how wet I got.

Again no place to go, just get out and start riding, see where the mind takes me. Below is a photo of the “My Ride” app I use to show my route and other specifics about the ride.

As you can see it was a tad over 100 miles and actual riding time of about two hours and three minutes. Guess what, not one drop of rain even came near me, dry as a bone in the desert the entire day with bright sunshine the entire ride. Could have ridden longer but had tasks that needed to be handled and cut it short for the day.

Below is a short five minute video of the ride, just an example of the back roads of North Florida and South Alabama. Suggest you watch it on YouTube and full screen is best. 🙂

Well the ride happened, video recorded, ready to make a post about this rare event and wouldn’t you know the day before remembered my computer had crashed, nada, zilch, zero, nothing would work. Sooo……

Took the computer to a place in DeFuniak Springs, Florida on the sixteenth, a day before this ride. The shop “I Fix Computers Inc.” is located about twenty five miles or so from my home. Was on a Friday and the gentleman told me he would not be able to work on it until Monday which I totally understood. After explaining the situation to him, he explained that since the computer was really old it might not be worth fixing but he would try to recover all data that I had on the hard drive.

While there, I realized he also sold refurbished laptops so we discussed if possible he could just transfer the data from the broken computer to the new one I agreed to purchase. Had my fingers crossed he could save the data, there was really years worth of stuff on there that would really hurt my feelings if lost.

Next post will explain the results and what happened on Monday July 19, 2021.

Hope you found this interesting. Hit the follow button to see what happens next. Not a “biker” by definition, just an old man that loves to ride motorcycles.

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