Riding without the rain?

Please don’t take from my last post that riding in the rain is a total disaster. Not near as much fun as riding without the rain but when you ride a motorcycle, learning to ride in the rain is also necessary. Let’s call it training. Since I like to ride, getting wet once in a while is not all bad. Don’t prefer rain riding but better than not riding at all. šŸ™‚

Last post was a ride done on the 19th of July 2021, todays post is about part of my ride on the 23rd of July, 2021. Rode some in between those dates but don’t record all rides when I go out, sometimes it’s nice to forget the camera, phone, and any other equipment. Just strap on the helmet and GO!

On this ride, didn’t record all of it but the ride was one of those with no destination, no objective except to just get out and ride on another beautiful day here in paradise. The part recorded on the “My Ride” app was approximately ninety miles but the ride was really closer to 120 miles that day.

Ride of July 23, 2021

Below is a short video near the beginning of the ride when I first turned on the camera. This portion of the ride started on the back side of Lake Jackson, out to Clear Springs Road and then left toward highway 331 in Paxton.

Next video is a short clip near the end of the ride on some roads that I’ve been on many times before.

Hope you enjoy these videos. Would like to know if you could comment below and let me know if you like them with music embedded or just the natural wind and engine noise? Let me know please, comment below.

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2 Responses to “Riding without the rain?”

  1. Simon Says:

    Well done Ray keep it coming!!! Personally I love to hear the bike and the wind and the roads

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