2022 Closes Out

Seems like forever since my last post and that’s a fact! The last half of 2022 was one to remember, much happened that changed my life for the better and made me a much happier person. Some of that change included a lot of riding Black Betty and some traveling adventures with my sweetheart Patty! We did several trips to places I would probably have never gone and we intend to do more this year.

To explain and talk about these adventures in one blog post would be a very long story and many photos. Rather than do that in one post my intention is to break these up into several posts over the next few weeks. Not all of these adventures included “Black Betty” but this coming year you will see more of her. 😎

One of our first adventures was another camping trip to Blackwater River State Park in late September, my favorite place to camp and enjoy the outdoors. Of course we loaded up Black Betty for this trip because it’s an awesome place to ride with great scenery and no traffic!

Following are a few photos taken at the park and some videos riding through the park in the Blackwater Forest area. If you listen closely, in some videos you can hear me chatting with Patty, our helmets have blue tooth sets so we can talk while riding. 🙂

Stay tuned for our next post coming in a few days. We visited Evansville, IN, had never been there before so it was quite interesting for me.

Hope you found this interesting. Hit the follow button to see what happens next. Not a “biker” by definition, just an old man that loves to ride motorcycles.

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3 Responses to “2022 Closes Out”

  1. Simon Says:

    Ray mate PLEASE always wear gloves when u ride!

  2. Simon Says:

    Love the bike, she looks super!! We dont get much USA metal over here, just some idiots riding Harleys to show us all how er tough they are!!

  3. Ray Says:

    Can only imagine. Same here with the Harley thing, it’s more a status symbol that anything I think. Truth be told they are making some good bikes now but the premium price keeps most common sense people away. 🙂

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