Indiana Trip

Immediately after our camping excursion in late September of last year Patty and I headed to Evansville, Indiana. It was a class reunion for her. For me it was a new adventure, a place I’d never been before.

Met some of her family, friends, and classmates, plus we enjoyed visiting the museum and other interesting places. Since she grew up there, it was like having my own private tour guide. Especially enjoyed the “West Side Nut Club Fall Festival” in Evansville so much might want to do that again this year.

We were in Evansville maybe four or five days with never a dull moment even though Black Betty was not part of this adventure. After leaving Indiana we traveled down to Tennessee for a visit with my long time best friend, Bud! Did an adventure there experiencing a long standing tradition of Flea Market/garage sales for miles and miles along an area near where he lives, was an absolute blast!

When Patty and I travel we take the scenic route when possible. Freeways are boring, backroads may take longer but are so much more fun. Whether we’re on the motorcycle or not backroads we’ve never traveled are new adventures and memories made.

After our stop in Tennessee, next stop on this trip was Double Springs, Alabama where my brother and sister in law have a house on Smith Lake. Both these stops were new for Patty as she had not been to either place. We spent a few days there, did some tourist things and had a great time.

Pictures say more than words sometime so below is a photo dump, first grouping is in Indiana! Funny thing is sometime you are having so much fun you forget to take photos.

After leaving Indiana headed to my friends house in Tennessee we traveled the Natchez Trace as much as possible, again the scenic route is always best for us. Some scenes on the way below.

Next photos were taken while visiting my brother and sister in law in north Alabama.

All of the above pretty much happened within the first two weeks of October, 2022. Near the end of October we did take another trip over to Gulfport, Mississippi for pure entertainment time at Island View Hotel and Casino. 🙂 During these out of town adventures, when home we did do as much riding as possible, weather was really very nice here for that time of year.

Starting in November we were doing a lot of planning for other trips and also preparing for my family tradition of Thanksgiving at my home. Won’t bore you with the tons of photos taken mostly of family eating, catching up chatter, playing games and just a really satisfying time with about thirty family members. In the busy month of November we did manage to get “Black Betty” another mode of transportation in case we needed to trailer her someplace.

That’s a wrap on our activities through the end of November… December will need to be written about in the next post.

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  1. Patty Wood Says:

    Love your stories! Thanks for sharing our adventures.

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