My Freedom Ride

Rather than join a large group of riders for “911 NEVER FORGET” day this year, decided to create my own Freedom Ride. After all, this is about being free. Decision was to saddle up, put on my Freedom shirt and ride. No destination in the beginning but after a few miles decided that riding over to Blackwater River State Park was an excellent idea.

Was suppose to camp there back in August of this year but due to illness had to cancel the reservation. Have camped there before and absolutely love the place. It is my favorite camping place so far, but then again I’ve not camped at too many places yet. Have a reservation setup for early November, hope that nothing gets in the way of this one.

The ride that day 09/11/2021 turned out to be approximately 154 miles round trip. My Freedom Ride was meant to honor those lost on that tragic day (09/11/2001) and to never forget what happened. After that day we’ve lost so many freedoms in the name of safety. The world has changed since then. My wish is that we could someday go back to feeling the freedom we had before that infamous day!

Before going home, rode out to the place of my motorcycle accident in June of 2020. Had not visited the area on a motorcycle since the accident. Needed to do that for some weird reason. Located the lady that I hit since she works near the accident scene, was able to apologize in person and thank her for her concerns on the night of the accident. (Closure?)

See photo below of ride recorded by “My Ride” app.

Image of ride on 09/11/2021-My Freedom Ride

That tragic day actually brought this country together in ways probably never experienced before. Everyone forgot about politics, prejudices, and ill will to others, except to the terrorists. It was a time of confusion, disbelief, shock, and all out patriotism. I felt like many Americans, ready to get back in uniform and fight whatever enemy we faced.

My Freedom Ride shirt this day “INHALE FREEDOM – EXHALE PATRIOTISM”, see photo’s below. Felt that it said what was in my heart.

Front of Shirt
Back-Shirt Purchased from

Since this ride was more than three hours long, had to split, choose some of the riding areas that I thought might be more interesting. First video was early in the ride on a road that I’ve ridden many times in the past and enjoy riding. All excerpts are approximately five minutes long.

This next video is on the road off Highway 90 leading to Blackwater River State Park.

Below video is a slow ride through the camp grounds at Blackwater State Park. Will give you an idea of what it’s like there. Love the camp ground, is reasonably priced, has full hook-ups for RV’s and trailers. Electricity, water, bathrooms and showers available. Hiking trails, access to the river for swimming, picnic pavilions, boarded walkways and near by rent a canoe or kayak and take either a four or eleven mile float down the Blackwater River. My brother and I try to take that eleven mile kayak trek down the river each year but missed last year due to my accident.

This last video was after leaving the campgrounds and heading north out into the Blackwater River State Forest. Did a lot of riding through the forest, this is only a five minute clip of the scenery.

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