Lonesome Rider

A few weeks ago, remember reading an article about a motorcycle rider and the reason he rode. Can’t find it now but in general he was saying that he rode a motorcycle because he was a lonely person. Made me start thinking about myself. Not good at self analyzing but did try, is that one of the reasons I ride?

Being a single guy, living alone with very few friends close by, thought maybe that has added to my desire to get out and ride. Really that doesn’t make sense since I really like to ride alone, plus never thought of myself as a lonely person. Not much of a “people person” though since I’m rather blunt and to the point when I’m thinking about something or get asked for my opinion. Just spill it out without much thought, that way it doesn’t get bottled up in my brain and cause an explosion. Seems a lot of people can’t handle the truth. LOL

Don’t like crowds, never have, don’t like to ride in large groups, and honestly just like riding with no destination, feeling the wind, focusing on the surroundings and the idiot that is about to pull out in front of me. Like many I call it “wind therapy” and to me it’s one of the most stress relieving systems ever!

Guess a lonely person would like to hook up with a group of riders, maybe make new friends and be able to explore new people and places. My issue with that is most of these groups think the only place they can ride and hang out together is at a bar. Since I no longer drink, never have when riding a motorcycle, most groups are certainly not appealing because of that reason. Could see where a self described lonely person might like that?

Without trying to analyze myself too much, I ride because it’s relaxing, calms the nerves yet places you on high alert to your surroundings. The feel of speed and power between your legs, a hint of danger at every curve, hill, and intersection, that’s what I like!

Backing up just a tad about riding alone. Have in the past ridden with maybe one or two other people but no drinking was involved. Hill country ride north of San Antonio, Texas was one I’ll always remember riding with my then brother-in-law. We visited Lost Maples State Natural Area. They named it Natural Area vs State Park. Was an all day ride and tons of fun. So with that said would be nice to hook up with another like minded rider and go on some day or even overnight trips.

So tell me, are YOU a lonely person and ride because of it? Don’t think I am but what’s your opinion?

Would love to hear your comments and suggestions below.

Added a couple of riding videos. Rides taken recently just for fun and relaxation. 🙂

Wind Therapy
Joy Ride

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2 Responses to “Lonesome Rider”

  1. Simon Says:

    Ray you provoke some thought, thanks!! I too love to ride and travel and I too prefer to travel alone. Pre Covid I rode or drove maybe 5 times per year between Italy and the UK and I to restart soon, last week I visited France by bike and it was a GREAT feeling. Alone means that I decide my stops and my sleeps and my dawn starts, plus fill ups and meals. I dont think that I a loner BUT I love to travel alone. Make sense???? Ciao Simon

  2. ridermarc Says:

    Have ridden motorcycles for a long time–since I was 13 actually. Put on the helmet and filter out the world. Riding is the one thing I enjoy the most in life. I love the time I spend with my two boys and that is a different enjoyment. Helmet time I call it. The boys understand.

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