Wind Therapy

Haven’t taken long trips as of late but rather doing some local rides to get that much needed wind therapy.

In the market for a larger motorcycle at this time, need more of a touring style bike to carry bigger loads and be more comfortable on long trips. Really want to get out on the open road soon and do some long distance exploring.

Current bike, Suzuki is great for a couple hundred miles or so if you don’t need to carry much luggage. They say it’s also rated as a touring bike but honestly, it’s not. Yes, you could take long trips on it if you stayed on the back roads and stopped often to stretch and get the feeling back in your backside. LOL Just don’t think it’s the right bike for freeway speeds or long distances, engine is too small.

Until then it’s local short rides in the area to keep my mind clear and get that much needed wind therapy always talked about.

Will post a couple of videos of one of my last rides on October 23, 2021. Have ridden since a few times but don’t always run a camera. Sometimes it’s just no cares, no cameras, no thoughts other than what is in front of you. 🙂 Camera was mounted in a different place on the two videos posted below.

Geneva, Alabama

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One Response to “Wind Therapy”

  1. Simon Says:

    Ray, interesting post as ever!! As a senior motorcycle rider I too love riding and for me the best tourer is always a compromise between weight and engine capacity and horsepower. For long motorway rides then the Yamaha FJR1300 and Honda VFR1300 take alot of beating cos both have wonderful engines, plenty of power plus shaft final drives. But then if you are travelling alone and wish to have a lighter bike then the naked Jap 1000s take some beating, Yamaha FZ1 and Honda CB1000R for instance. Other notables middle weights are the Kawa 650 twin plus the Suzuki 650 SV and Yamaha MT07, you pays yer money and takes yer choice and all that!!!!

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